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thomasvaessens.nl handbags replica luxury We carefully select the designers and designs we want to replicate. We don’t replicate or copy every single name brand designer bag in the market. Worry not; we have replicas of bags from all-time classic famous designers like Prada and Hermes. For those fun loving ladies out there, we even replicate bags by Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, and Valentino.

We don’t want to give you just a copy, we aim to please the fashion lover in you. Now you can carry your favorite Luxury designer brands in your hands, without having to break the bank or budget heavily.

fake designer handbags for sale When Nicolas Ghesquiere made the Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Clutch his first big runway bag debut after taking over the brand’s top creative spot from longtime designer Marc Jacobs, I was a little worried. Although the Petite Malle makes good use of Vuitton’s long history with fine trunks, a clutch is a risky proposition for a big bet in an increasingly casual fashion world. It was a statement, for sure, but I figured it was just that—a bag that would hang around for a couple seasons as a hallmark of Ghesquiere’s early days before falling off in favor of designs that are more broadly palatable to LV’s huge consumer base that had long been used to the brand’s focus on day and travel bags.

thomasvaessens.nl replica bags Instead, the Petite Malle has endured in its debut form for several years, sticking steadfastly to its identity is an impractical, if aesthetically pleasing, little hard-sided clutch. Finally, for Pre-Fall 2018, the Petite Malle aesthetic is getting a more accessible (and less expensive—the original starts at $5,200) redesign in the form of the Louis Vuitton Trunk Clutch.

cheap replica handbags Although the bag is—somewhat confusingly—called a clutch, in reality, it’s a small crossbody with an optional and adjustable part-chain, part-leather strap. The top of the clutch has a zip closure, as well as a closure strap that fastens at the front with the same gold-toned lock as the original Petite Malle. Inside, you’ll find two large compartments separated by a center divider, as well as a small patch pocket at the front interior that looks as though it’s intended to hold your ID or credit card.

cheap replica designer handbags online At almost 8″ wide, the bag is big enough to hold essentials like a large smartphone, sunglasses, a small wallet and more, and although the bag is structured, it’s not as rigid as its clutch predecessor, which means you get a little more flexibility with space. Right now, the bag comes in Monogram Inverse or four colors of Epi leather, and both versions are priced at $3,300. They are, perhaps unsurprisingly, all sold out online.

cheap replica designer handbags The Petite Malle (which is now slightly larger than it was when first launched) is a little work of art. Yes, I agree that it’s very impractical, but who cares, right? No one buys the Petite Malle because it’s a convenient bag! This new version, however, is a confusing stylistic mess. It’s like the Petite Malle’s chubby, awkward, best friend.

thomasvaessens.nl bags replica wholesale Just got mine today and adore it. I think seeing it IRL makes a difference. It fits plenty to be an everyday bag and is extremely well constructed. The strap is such a great length for a crossbody, even on tall gals like me. I would def get more in the future if they keep this style around, and this was much better executed IMHO than the mini Pochette Metis which arguably also had a lot going on.

they really just give the bag a messy look?! If it were not for them, I’d consider getting the bag. I love the idea but as I am very detail oriented they would drive me crazy. 🙁

Glad to hear it’s really a crossbody! Not that I’m inclined to purchase right now, but I just can’t stand TOTALLY impractical bags. I leave impractical for jewelry, fur coats and sometimes shoes.

thomasvaessens.nl bags replica For me, this is so far removed from what LV is about (in my mind) but I’m thankful that 2nd hand speedy prices are lower than ever. I wish to bring back the speedy playtime as it remains the most convenient both casual and elegant bag.

best replica bags online We rarely feature bags that are questionably authentic, but we’re a bit stumped by our first celeb bag pick. (If you’ve laid eyes on more vintage Hermès than most, please feel free to weigh in.) Celebs can usually be counted upon to carry the real deal (except when they freely and openly admit that they don’t), but this bag-carrying celeb isn’t one of our usuals. It’s certainly not unusual to be fooled by a good fake in the secondhand marketplace, in fact, it’s not even ridiculous to love a good fake for being exactly what it is. Those are all authentic emotions. But is this bag authentic though?

Jemima Kirke
aaa replica designer handbags Jemima Kirke was spotted heading into the AOL Build Series with a black, vintage Hermès Kelly bag. Something about the croc gives us pause though. The scales in the middle of the bag’s front panel look a little big? Real or nah?

Jennifer Lopez
Here’s Jennifer Lopez, carrying one of her Christian Louboutin Paloma Bags around NYC. J-Lo’s love for this style goes way back. Shop the Christian Louboutin Paloma Bag via Neiman Marcus ($2,290)

Jessica Simpson
There’s a lot going on here…drop-crotch pants! A Chloé bag we still can’t name! Children! Presumably Jessica Simpson’s! Fendi sandals! LAX! Shop Chloé Bags via Nordstrom thomasvaessens.nl replica bags, fake designer handbags for sale, thomasvaessens.nl handbags replica luxury, high quality designer replica handbags, high quality replica handbags, replica designer handbags suppliers

Kate Moss
Meanwhile, at JFK, Kate Moss made a much more relaxed airport entrance with this beautiful black replica bags Alligator Classic Flap Bag. Shop replica bags Bags via Vestiaire Collective

Nicole Murphy
Here’s Nicole Murphy, leaving a club in West Hollywood with a black Louis Vuitton Cluny Bag. Nicole Murphy has an excellent bag collection; perhaps it’s time we devoted more blog space to it. Shop the Louis Vuitton Cluny Bag via Louis Vuitton ($3,000)

Petra Ecclestone
It’s been a spell since we touched base with the Ecclestone’s (so long I was worried they’d all become financially insolvent), but apparently, Petra got divorced earlier this year. She was recently seen carrying this Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Bag to a dinner date at Catch with her new boyfriend. Shop the Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Bag via Louis Vuitton ($5,500)

Priyanka Chopra
Here’s Priyanka Chopra, flaunting a purple The Row Ascot Bag while doing even more press in NYC for the third season of Quantico. Sadly, her show just got the ax from ABC this week. Shop The Row Ascot Bag via Barneys ($990)

Reese Witherspoon
Finally, we have Reese Witherspoon, heading into her office in LA with a Valentino Candystud Bag that bears her name in glittering studs, just as all bags should. Shop the Valentino Candystud Bag via Net-a-Porter ($2,875)

1 vintage No few but mostly the handle ring on the far side give it away, however, thomasvaessens.nl bags replica, thomasvaessens.nl bags replica wholesale, cheap replica designer handbags, cheap replica designer handbags online, cheap replica handbags, wholesale replica designer handbags the kelly for has many inspired bags not fake just look alike so benefit of the doubt could be it is inspired

Is Reese Witherspoon worried about not getting recognized? Tacky as hell. No surprise at all.
I love JLO’s bag. It’s beautiful, classic and super functional.

I tell ya, drop-crotch pants are pain — I sat down on the floor in a pair, and as I was trying to sit criss cross applesauce, the crotch part rrrripppppeddddd. Anyone in the market for slightly used crotchless sweatpants?

And the way I see it Jessica with her “unplanned” and mismatched-look looks far more relaxed than Kate does in her (very elegant) business uniform? 😛 I’d much rather travel in drop-crotch pants and sandals than in tight pants (jeans??? ugh) a business jacket… Who does that?

Now that the grandeur and the glory of the 2018 Met Gala has swept by, celebrities are packing their bags and returning from whence they came. Or they’re re-packing their bags and heading to Cannes because it’s that time a year. I forget how exciting May really is every year. You’d think flowering trees and my birthday would be excitement enough for one month? Also, Kate Bosworth has a cheeky, Met-themed mystery bag for us.

Alicia Vikander
Here’s Alicia Vikander, grabbing lunch in NYC with a Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Bag. Louis Vuitton dressed her for the Met Ball, of course. Shop the Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Bag via Louis Vuitton ($5,200)

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Catherine Zeta-Jones was recently spotted blitzing through LAX with this beautiful, mauve Birkin.

Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone was in high spirits after the Met Gala. Here she is happily greeting the paps as she gets into her car with a black, croc-embossed Céline Phantom Luggage Tote. Shop Céline Bags via Vestiaire Collective

Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria carried this suede and leather Chloé Small Faye Bag to lunch with her husband at E Baldi in Beverly Hills. Her due date is mere weeks away. Shop the Chloé Small Faye Bag via Nordstrom ($1,390)

Irina Shayk
Strange but true: the models are always the first to arrive in quantity at Cannes. Irina Shayk has already made her way there with this eye-popping orange Birkin.

Jessica Chastain
Here’s Jessica Chastain, also making her way through the airport in Nice with a gorgeous new iteration of the Stella McCartney Falabella Box Bag. I think this bag deserves its own style name, frankly, but I guess you can always fall back on Falabella. Shop the Stella McCartney Falabella Box Bag via farfetch.com ($1,030)

Kate Bosworth
Shockingly, this mystery bag did not make an appearance on the Catholic-themed 2018 Met Gala red carpet. This Virgin Mary bag is a fantastic, timeless piece (unless that time is B.C.), but we’re a bit fuzzy on its origins. Can you assist?

Stella Maxwell
British model Stella Maxwell also made it to Nice this week alongside Irina Shayk. She’s carrying the replica bags style that was literally designed for twenty-somethings (preferably, twenty-somethings who also the model): the Gabrielle. Shop replica bags Bags via Vestiaire Collective

Kate Bosworth’s bag is Bienen-Davis. You can find the brand on Matches or Barney’s.

Yeah, that’s what it looks like. Amazing embellishments thomasvaessens.nl replica bags, fake designer handbags for sale, aaa replica designer handbags, best replica bags online, replica handbags, handbags replica!

I’ll never have a Birkin but if I did, it would be that orange one, wow, does it pop!

That person doesn’t look like Catherine Zeta-Jones. Is it really her? And I don’t think she owns a Birkin in that color (which is fab!!!). But then again, I might not be up-to-date with her looks…

Yes, it is her. I saw other pap pics on Instagram from that same moment and it was for sure her. I love the color of her Birkin too!

This post got me thinking that I need to google the Gabrielle bag just to see who buys it!

Yeah, I was surprised to hear it was aimed at 20-somethings because I would have pegged the Boy bag for that group with the Gabrielle for older women (as a vast, vast generalization because I think all age ranges could rock either bag and it depends more on your personal style).

I was thinking the same thing. I’ve also noticed a lot of these bags are available pre-loved. I’m not sure this style of turning out to be too popular.

I know some people are put off by how unstructured the top part becomes. I personally love the bag but I can see why people would want a more structured top.

Ever since we brought back the @PurseForum account on Instagram, we’ve been amazed at how fast it’s grown! Not to mention, we can’t get over how much you guys share with us! Each new day brings about a fresh new crop of beautiful bags for us to see. It’s so much fun seeing all of your collections, and not only that but also exploring your pages and seeing all of your unique points of view helps me get to know you all a little bit better! No two collections are the same, and it’s really cool taking it one step further and gaining insight into the thought process behind what helps each of you curate your closets. For this month’s #BagsOfTPF feature, I’m thrilled to get to know Tatiana of @cheap replica handbags, replica designer handbags, replica designer bags, thomasvaessens.nl handbags replica luxury, high quality designer replica handbags. Taiana captured my bag-loving heart with her huge collection of replica bags and Hermès, and I couldn’t wait to find out how she set her sights on each  bag.

PurseBlog: Why do you love handbags?
Tatiana: I think a handbag is a most feminine and most elegant accessory we could possibly have. I’ve always had a love affair for designer handbags, even since those young days when I could only dream about them. In my opinion, bags are always the first thing to be noticed, regardless of what you’re wearing. A bag tells a lot about the character.

PB: What was your first designer bag, and how old were you when you got it? Why did you want that bag?
T: My first designer bag was a Gucci hobo, which I still have. I’d always dreamed about a Gucci bag and could never afford one until I was 27 years old. In between paying for college tuition (international student tuition) and all the bills I had for living in the USA by myself, I still worked very hard and saved up for my very first Gucci bag. Only I know how much I worked to have my dream come true. I was sooooo excited when I finally purchased that bag! My Gucci baby!

PB: Which bag is your favorite and why?
T: I have two current favorite bags:
1. Birkin 35 in Rouge Pivoine with gold hardware. I LOVE red! Most of my bags are red, but there’s nothing like an Hermès red. That bag is absolutely stunning! I can’t describe how beautiful she is. I’m just obsessed with my Birkin!
2. Birkin 30 in Bleu Colvert with gold hardware. It was my very first bag from FSH [Editor’s note: FSH is the Hermès flagship in Paris], and the excitement of getting a bag there, straight from the mothership, makes it even more special. Plus the color is absolutely amazing! It’s a chameleon color and it can be blue from some angles or green, depending on the lighting.

PB: What is the oldest bag you have in your closet? Would you ever part with it and if not, why?
T: My oldest bag is still my very first Gucci bag. I can’t get rid of it. Even though I never wear it. But all the tears and hard work I had to put in behind the scenes to conquer that bag make me really proud to look at it in my closet and see what I have achieved.

PB: What is the next bag you plan to get and why do you want it?
T: I’m planning to get another Birkin 35 in gold. I just love the size (I know most people don’t like 35s) but I’m obsessed with big bags. I’ve always been. French culture fascinates me in every single aspect. French ladies like big bags and I find it very elegant. Très chic! I want the gold color because it’s the most classic Hermès color and I feel like I need one to complete my Hermès collection.

PB: Do you typically purchase bags that you’ve wanted for a while, or are you more of an impulse shopper? Do you see it, love it and buy it immediately?
T: I used to be an extremely impulsive replica bags shopper. I would buy replica bags every other month. I got to a point where I had about 40 replica bags in my closet and would never wear them. After much consideration (I was too attached to my bags), I created a closet account on Instagram and began to part with some of the bags I don’t use as often. I was able to downsize my collection to 25 replica bags. I still don’t wear them all, and some bags still hurt [to part with], but I’m getting there! My goal is to keep only the bags I use. My husband is trying to convince me that I don’t need any more bags, which is true but it’s always a huge excitement for me to get something new. Now, I’m only getting bags I’ve been planning to get for a while, especially Hermès, where you need a whole plan to get them if you know what I mean. My most recent purchase was a replica bags mini rectangle in Gold patent chevron with gold hardware. I have something with metallics and iridescent colors. That was an impulsive move there, but it made someone really happy 🙂 I really don’t need anything, but I can’t resist the excitement of getting a new purse!

You work hard doing what? You look pretty young, in your early 30s. I have friends your age who are DOCTORS and can’t afford a replica bags bag every other month or even every three months because they’re still paying off student loans.

This is a beautiful collection, and congratulations to her for being able to afford it. I’m sad to come onto this site to ogle beautiful bags and share a word or two with like-minded bag lovers and instead find resentment and mean comments. When I get cranky, I can vent needlessly online as well and have been trying to eliminate that bad habit. In this particular feature, people are putting themselves out there a little bit to share something about themselves, so this reaction is disappointing. Handbags are, in the grand scheme of things, rather trivial objects, and that’s why I refer to my collecting as a hobby, which suggests some level of frivolity. On the other hand, my husband and I both come from immigrant families and grew up watching our parents struggle. It never stops being a little exciting to me being able to walk into a boutique and buy something I could only dream of as a child. It’s not the most important thing in my life, but it’s a gift, and I try to keep perspective. My husband and I give to charity and volunteer, but we also do little things to reward ourselves for our hard work. He buys watches, I buy bags. These things mean something to us, but they can mean something else entirely – or nothing at all – to someone else. To each his own. Personally, I love replica bags and have sadly put collecting largely on hold because we have a child now, are saving for college and for a larger house. I enjoy being able to look at someone else’s collection and drool a little thomasvaessens.nl bags replica, thomasvaessens.nl bags replica wholesale, cheap replica designer handbags, cheap replica designer handbags online, high quality replica handbags, replica designer handbags suppliers, wholesale replica designer handbags, replica handbags, handbags replica.

I totally agree with what you said, I’m an immigrant myself and only I know what I had to go through to get at the point where I am at in my life now. Took me 10 good years living an American nightmare to make it become an American dream. I work hard, I’ve always worked really hard, that’s why I’m able to afford bags today.
Besides of what people think, I don’t have a rich husband but a very very hardworking man.
We also have a child now and putting bags aside for him. I can’t shop the way I used to anymore because we have to think about his future. So I totally understand what you’re saying.
Thanks for reading this and your kind words. Xo

“I work hard, I’ve always (sic) worked really hard, that’s why I’m able to afford bags today.” Millions of Americans work very hard, have always worked hard and will work hard for the rest of their lives and yet still not be able to afford a single replica bags, much fewer dozens of them. Please don’t push the notion that if you can’t afford boatloads of replica bags and Hermes it’s because you’re not working hard enough.

Why so bitter? This is one woman’s story that she’s sharing with us. We’re here to admire bags, not bemoan the plight of millions of Americans. Industries like these provide many people with incomes. If people stopped buying these bags what do you think would happen to them?!

Congratulations. As a former immigrant myself, all I can say is congratulations and that I am proud of you. I know first hand how hard those first few years are.

Thank you so much, my dear!
You know how it is being here solo. Nothing came for free, still doesn’t.
Thanks for reading this and your lovely support! Xx

So very well said! I thoroughly enjoyed the article and felt vicariously her pleasure in her pieces, especially the first Gucci bag! Her being able to afford a replica bags every other month doesn’t affect me at all but I can be happy with her being able to do so. Let’s not be negative about someone who has chosen to share part of their happiness with us. And Megs, thanks for the feature 😊

This is just a hobby and I have to work very hard for all I have which most people here don’t understand. I only show the fun part and share the happiness with my followers.

Thanks, my love! That’s the whole point about an article you’re reading in a purse blog. We are here to share bags and beautiful things in life but looks like some people are more concerned about my income than anything else.

I agree with what you said. It’s easy for people to be critical for one reason or another, but this is a fun hobby and I enjoy looking at all the drool-worthy beautiful designer bags out there. I can’t afford a super luxurious lifestyle, like the featured woman, but treating myself to nice items every once-in-awhile is rewarding.

While her collection may not reflect your tastes, she is a TPFer. She is part of this bag-adoring corner of the internet. She may have helped others make a decision about purchases, contributed to authenticity discussions, and celebrated when TPFers shared their reveals on boards.

I was just thinking the same thing. With no offense meant to the currently featured tPFer and her lovely bags, but I’d be far more interested in someone who has a varied collection of the high and low end, indie brands, and can introduce me to bags I haven’t seen a hundred times.

That’s my personality aaa replica designer handbags, best replica bags online, replica designer handbags, replica designer bags. My dear. If it gives you a yawn, you can check more pages like mine on Instagram to find something that will make you happy!

There’s a lot of people on Instagram with more variety of brands. For my personality, replica bags and Hermès fit me the most. Go check those people out if you don’t like what you see here.

I agree there’s more than replica bags and Hermès, however, those are the brands that fit my lifestyle the most. Everyone has different taste and that’s what I like.

I’m on the fence about this one. Yes, we’re all fans of great bags or we wouldn’t we following PB in the first place, but the mmmm… excessiveness of this collection and the fact that it’s far beyond the reach of 99% of the blog’s followers, well, it does have a whiff of “let them eat cake” about it. Something Kardashian-esque and we all know how divided opinions here are on the K clan. Surely PB knew this post would generate some less than effusive responses along with the “wow, you go girl” range of positive comments.

That said, I wish PB would go back to doing regular TPF round-ups, which covered a wide range of bags, shoes, etc, at various price levels and highlighted more members of the PB community. I’d rather see that than yet another profile of a rich Instagrammer with carefully staged photos of an OTT collection of expensive bags from the usual coterie of premium brands.

I think the reason many commenters are critical is that the headline for this article is highly exaggerated and sets expectations too high. When I see a headline that says one of the most insane collections we’ve ever seen, I am expecting to see are one of the kind pieces or a photo of an amazing closet with a ton of designer bags. I understand that these types of headlines are used so people click the links in their email but over time readers will disregard the headlines and stop clicking on them. They become ineffective because readers know they are inaccurate/ exaggerated.

I apologize if the headline didn’t align as you thought it should. We actually really don’t try to post any sort of click-bait headlines, we try to be pretty straight-forward. Kaitlin wrote this article and to her, this collection is insane. I’ve seen crazy insane on tPF before, but it’s all relative!

I’m not only envious of the bag collection, but the beautiful locations in which those pictures were taken. What a wonderful lifestyle! I adore the pink iridescent replica bags items. I would love to own a replica bags one day

I wonder that too, but I am somewhat of a “purse freak.” It is the excess accumulation that blows my mind. Guess there are many multi-millionaires on here or they want others to think that! Still fun to see, and be happy you don’t have their debt!

Honey, this is all hard work. It’s funny how you assume there are debts behind this. What do you know about my life, what do you know about my income and what I do with MY money? Have a nice day wondering…

My husband is far from being rich. You are talking about two hard working people, something you probably don’t know because I can see you have too much free time in your hands to write all of your hate comments. Xo

Hard work, my dear! Nothing here comes for free. What I do for work will never be disclosed but I can tell I work 60 hours a week to afford all this. Xo

Sorry for my previous question. 60 working hours per week is the exact definition of INSANE. Honey, you are killing yourself. Have you ever heard about downshifting? I mean fewer bags, more free time.

Very nice collection. I like many purse designers, but I have admitted that I felt thoroughly chuffed with myself when I got my first replica bags. I still have the boy bag, an Hermés and a personalized Goyard at the top of my wish list. I may not buy a replica bags every month, but I will complete my collection when the time is right. For me, the thrill is hunting for, and finding the perfect bag.

I never meant to be rude or anything, but my priority was to buy bags. Today it has changed since I have my son now who is definitely my Top priority!

Don’t want to start a fight or anything just point out an inconsistency. If you, Mrs of style, work so hard as you kindly corrected us here then how can your “whole life [be] a vacation” (your Instagram blurb today)? Aside from that honey, I’m simply jealous and would also love to find a shortcut which would allow me to have it all right now! My best :*

People here are really harsh. Just chill out. Even if you don’t like her choice in bags, what’s with the ‘lifestyle hate’ replica bags every other month is only ~30k / year. If her household makes 100K, and lives in a modest house, and drives a modest car, that would be 100% doable. it’s all about priorities. And hers are none of all business.

I have to say, I’m kind of shocked reading the comments. I pick up a Vogue to see gorgeous women wearing lovely clothes I can’t wear. I pick up a Dwell to see beautiful modernist homes I cannot afford. These are aspirational publications, and there are sections here that are in that category as well. That’s the way I see this collection.

I thought the photos were beautiful, the bags gorgeous, the scarves and shoes pretty and the backgrounds stunning. Aspirational. Out of my league but not everyone, and that’s nice to know, not threatening.

She likes replica bags and Hermes. Cool. Why not? Next, I would like to see a collection of all Indie designers, or all under $500, or heck, even cheaper bags with a theme-all rocker-chic or whatever.

The point is we come to this site to look at bags, whether expensive and well-known or inexpensive and unique.

As women (and a few men) we should lift each other and celebrate our mutual love of bags, recognize that what makes one person happy can be different than what makes another happy, and not look down on anybody, whether they can afford the world or not.

I see your point and it’s valid. However, too many of these profiles are of bag collectors who are only at the high end. Where are the profiles of people who collect contemporary brands? Or the collection of someone who ISN’T a millennial? Or if someone who’s built a great collection of pre-loved bags and her advice on what to look out for. Why should so many of these profiles be of people whose collections are generally out of reach of the average PB/TPF follower? There’s aspirational and then there’s rubbing your nose in the stuff you can’t afford. It’s like flying frequently in the economy and having every single article in every issue of the in-flight magazine be photo spreads about the great seats and amenities in first class. TBH, I felt like this particular column was created not for the average reader but as something to show to potential sponsors: “look how much purchasing power our members have! advertise with us!” Which is understandable, I get that PB is a business, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.